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Events | Permanent Makeup Training

Three-day Permanent Makeup training

Our unique learning concept guarantees intensive learning and is designed to bring you maximum practice and knowledge.

Day 1: Theoretical fundamentals of Permanent makeup in a machine technique

We start with the theory. The most important topics summarized will be presented on the training day as a video presentation. In addition, you receive detailed, specially developed by us teaching materials for home.
In theory, we deal with the following topics:

Chapter 1: Dictionary of terminology
1.1. Terminology
1.2. List of additionally recommended literature for study

Chapter 2: The skin
2.1. Facial skin
2.2. Functions of the skin
2.3. The skin Structure
2.4. Derivatives of the skin
2.5. Skin glands
2.6. Subcutaneous adipose tissue
2.7. Blood supply to the skin
2.8. The role of superficial capillaries and venules in temperature regulation
2.9. Lymphatic System
2.10. Innervation of the skin
2.11. Afferent innervation of the skin
2.12. Fascia and cell spaces
2.13. Age characteristics of the skin
2.14. Reactivity, regeneration and histopathology of the skin and its derivatives
2.15. Pigmentary disorders
Chapter 3: Principles of Symmetry and Asymmetry
3.1. Symmetry as an aesthetic Criteria
3.2. Variety of symmetries and asymmetries
3.3. The concept of symmetry and asymmetry in biology
3.4. The golden section – designated law of harmony in nature

Chapter 4: Pigmentation
4.1. The general definition of pigment and pigmentation
4.2. The micro-process and its interaction with the skin
4.3. General characteristics of melanin
4.4. Melanin biosynthesis
4.5. Melanogenesis
4.6. Composition of pigment ingredients and their properties
4.7. Local pigmentation disorders
4.8. Contraindications
4.9. Regeneration process
4.10. Correction process
4.11. Color change
4.12. Correction of contours
4.13. Camouflage
4.14. Pigment removal with a remover

Chapter 5: Color Theory and Coloring
5.1. Basics of color theory and coloristic
5.2. Physiological foundations of color theory
5.3 Psychological effects
5.4. The laws of color effect on people
5.5. Synesthesia
5.6. Color mixing and color synthesis
5.7. Goethe´s color circle
5.8. Ostwald ´s big color circle
5.9. Fitzpatrick Scale

Chapter 6: Aesthetics of the face
6.1. Apparatus techniques in Contour Makeup
6.2. The effect of the microcurrent on the skin
6.3. Methodology of the Contour Makeup
6.4. Artistic image as integral art
6.5. Aesthetic categories
6.6. Fundamentals of ethics and aesthetics
6.7. Physical factors
6.8. Facial expressions and emotions
6.9. Age-related changes of the face and the possibility of correction with permanent make-up
6.10. Fold types
6.11. Pigmentation
6.12. Rosacea
6.13. Acne
6.14. scar
6.15. Aesthetic rehabilitation of facial skin through permanent make-up

Day 1: Practical Pigmentation of the Eyelids technique ``Lash line compression``

Lash line compression – gentle, selective micropigmentation of the eyelid between the eyelashes, resulting in a continuous eyeliner.

  1. Working on the latex skin “Lash line compression”
  2. Trainer – demonstration of the technique ” Lash line compression” on the model
  3. Student work technique “ Lash line compression ” on the model
  4. Correction and analysis of errors
  5. Exhibition of internal passports Academy L.A. and certificate of participation

Day 2: Practice pigmentation of the eyebrow technique ``Powder Brows``

“Powder Brows” – a gentle, powdery shade of the eyebrows.

Apparatus method of eyebrow shading

  1. Practical practice on the latex skin
  2. Trainer – Demonstration of the technique “Powder Brows” on the model
  3. Student work technique “Powder Brows” on the model
  4. Correction and analysis of errors
  5. Exhibition of internal passports Academy L.A. and certificate of participation

Day 3: Practice - Pigmentation of the Lips Technique ``Aquarell Lips``:

Watercolor effect of the lips-these days the newest and most beautiful technique that can create both a natural and a make-up look.

  1. Practical practice on the latex skin
  2. Trainer – Presentation of the technique “Aquarell Lips” on the model
  3. Student work technique “Watercolor Lips” on the model
  4. Correction and analysis of errors
  5. Exhibition of internal passports Academy L.A. and certificate of participation

During the training, you will receive a starter kit for permanent apparel:

  1. Pro Pigment Academy L.A. to 15 ml
  2. Pro Practical – Latex Set consisting of 3 pieces for practicing your skills
  3. Medical pen- medical marker
  4. Pro Contour Pencil (brown)
  5. Pro Contour Pencil (white)
  6. Tutorial

We also put everyone on the training days

  • Consumables
  • Food: Drinks, fruit, biscuits, pretzel and croissant
  • Digital resources in our online portal to further refine your skills

After training:

  • Access to Community Academy L. A .: Opportunity to improve your skills, invitations to Master Class, seminars, collective training.
  • Discounts for subsequent training and workshops at Academy L.A.
  • Permanent product discounts on www.academyla.store
  • Coordination and further consultation by coaches through social networks
  • Participate in a unique seven-level development system from student to Brand master

Further B2B cooperation offers of Academy L.A .:

  1. Trader program
  2. Representative program
  3. Franchise program