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The decision to create a brand of their own was based on an analysis of the demand and needs of professionals in the Contour Makeup industry.

My name is Anna Volnov and I am the managing partner of Academy L.A.

We offer you:


Marketing plays a leading role in contour makeup today. The oversupply of advertising is at the expense of the quality of the actual important theoretical and practical activities. Our company offers a complete, science discipline-based knowledge and encourages you as a professional with an authentic image of the craft Contour Makeup.

High End Class

We developed a high-end product line for you to underline your individuality. Quality is very important for us as practicing professionals. Today we proudly present products with the best results and properties available on the world market. Our rich color palette of pigments is manufactured on the most innovative equipment in Germany, the tools are made of the medical, stainless, Austrian ELMAX steel, our Exact Blades are individually manually checked under a microscope for accuracy and sorted out.

The segment of our products is aimed at a group of consumers with experience working with different manufacturers and professional needs who are able to compare and evaluate the quality of our products according to the following criteria: color absorption, opacity and incorporation into the skin, pigment deposition and durability, sharpness and precision of our Exact Blades, quality and aesthetic appearance of our work tools.

Training system

We have developed a unique training system for artists with an international “Passport of Master of Contour Makeup” by Academy L.A. Where all your Contour Makeup skills and successes are captured and rewarded: product discounts, invitations to exhibitions and events, workshops, training, seminars, competitions, rank and title assignments, gift and service gift giving, exclusive collaboration with Academy LA.

Social Network

We have created a professional social network on our website that allows you to share experiences and skills, make joint purchases with discounts up to 50%, form groups, share news in the feed, offer your own Master Class and online seminars, and so on Promote business.

We are open to cooperation and ready to put our knowledge at the service of your company.