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The Beginning

The perception of the world starts with the numbers. The mathematician´s patterns, like the painter´s or poet´s must be beautiful. The ideas like the colors or words, must fit together in a harmonious way.

Beauty is everywhere

Beauty is the first test. In the world there is no room for disorderly numbers.

The evolution of the universe is permeated by the “golden section”: the spiral shape of the galaxy, the shape of the flowers, plants, trees, the structure of the flower basket of the sunflower, the shape of the cochlear shell, the honeycomb structure and finally the proportions of the human body.

History of Beauty
Fundamental of Academy L.A.

Academy L.A. deals with the implementation of the natural beauty craftsmanship in Contour Makeup.
The premise of our activity is to balance the proportions of the human face to a maximum of approximately the value of the Golden Ratio.

Will be with us!

Together, let us follow the path of knowledge in order to understand the original of the natural beauty embodied in the human image.